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Corporate Profile

 Message from the President

Tomoaki Shimada
SHIMADA COMPANY LIMITED was started as a chemical trading company, which concentrated on inorganic chemical products in 1947. Since its foundation, SHIMADA has held positively expansion of handling goods, and the challenge to a new business field. As a special trading company of chemical field, SHIMADA will continue to play a role of "bridge" between manufacturers and customers in order to meet customer satisfaction and the expectation.

Our main business items, various chemical products, are indispensable as basic materials of all products. SHIMADA achieved the serious social duty of stable supply, and has built the steadfast foundation in the industry as a handling special trading company of chemical products. SHIMADA will provide wide variety of products in respect of price, quality, and service by expanding supply sauce to overseas from now on aiming at the further leap, and meet various needs. Furthermore, our extensive network including overseas, and the special know-how about the chemicals accumulated for years have a power to create new added values. SHIMADA will transform overflowing information to more advanced information, and share those with our customers.

Another important aspect is earth environment protection. It does not remain in the dimension of the mere improvement in a corporate image, but has been an important mission in corporate activity now. From stable supply of mere raw material, the role of a special trading company also changed to establishment of the consistent organization to the waste processing. Our environment protection business has started from dealing a water purifying facility, and now covers recycling sludge from chemical industry. SHIMADA will contribute towards realization of circulated type society by developing waste streamlining / recycling system positively.

 Company Data

Founded March 26, 1947
Capital 51 million Yen (Invested capital)
President Tomoaki Shimada
Employees 50
Main Office 2-30-5 Ojima, Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-0072, Japan
Branch Office Osaka
4-5-2 Koraibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 5410043, Japan
Bank References Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Bank of Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ
Tokyo Head Office


1947 Under the loose of government control over sulfuric acid business,
Shimada Company Limited is established in Chiyoda-ku Tokyo.
The selling business of an inorganic chemical (sulfuric acid, etc.) is started.
1964 The Osaka business office is founded.
1971 Sale of the pollution-free chemistry washing lotion article of an air conditioner and water processing medicine is started.
1974 Export business of chemical products is started.
1985 Head office is moved to Nihombashi Kodemma-cho,Chuo-ku.
The network system of computer is built and connected with customers is started.
1993 Due to a rise of environmental problems, collection of Industrial waste treatment business is started.
1996 Sales of environmental related apparatus equipments, such as clean water, drainage equipment, a dehydrator, and pure water equipment, is started.
2000 Head office building is built at Ojima Koto-ku Tokyo.
2004 Geo Environment Technology Systems CO.,Ltd (joint venture)has started contaminated soil
treatment business in Yokohama,Kanagawa Prefecture
2011 The Osaka business office is promoted to the branch.
2012 Osaka branch is moved to 4-5-2 Koraibashi,Chuo-ku,Osaka.


Business Field
  1. Domestic sales of various organic and inorganic chemical products and related products
  2. Sales of various synthetic resin products and bonding agents
  3. Domestic sales of chemical machineries and equipments
  4. Domestic sales of scientific instruments, electronics products and others
  5. Export and import of chemical machineries and equipments
  6. Export and import of scientific instruments, electronics products and others
  7. Domestic sales of water purifying systems and equipments
  8. Industrial waste treatment
  9. Recycling sludge from chemical industry
Business Items
  1. Inorganic chemicals
    Sulfuric acid & Sulfides
    Soda products
    Ammonia products
    Phosphorus compounds
    Other inorganic chemicals
  2. Organic chemicals & Solvents
  3. High compressed gases
  4. Synthetic resins, Plastic products & Paper products
  5. Process machinery and Apparatus for chemical engineering and Environmental pollution control, and its related Chemical & Materials
Major customers   Glass industry
  Fertilizer industry
  Plating industry
  Industrial waste treatment industry
  Water purifying treatment industry

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